VOLUNTARY EFFORTS TO REFINE TRENDS FOR ELEMENTARY EXCISION; provided by the WWT\'s constitution, VERTEX is one of the most effective wings of the organization. It is subjected to provide masses with a true guidance to live their life to its fullest instead of just passing it. The prime object of this wing is to inculcate in less-privileged sections of the society a sense of self-reliance and understanding of coordinated efforts. A dependable mechanism constitutes the whole web of an innovative cluster. It is so formulated that a team of fifty intellectuals chalks down road map for the entire functions of this wing of WWT. These people are considered as pioneer members of VERTEX. This platform is gathering strength day by day and expanding at a moderate pace. All its members undergo a thorough learning process at this platform.They are educated and trained about patterns to serve the humanity without any discrimination of creed, race or language. Staunch belief in the power of thoughts is cultivated in them which is why they brain storm to reach decisions with consensus in normal through complex issues. Central Executive Council of seven members led by president and a vice president, bodies of seven executives each district (District Management Members) and an ever-expanding General Body constitutes the organizational structure of this vital wing of WWT. Its proceedings make the platform a just place to share ideas. Poverty elevation, both economic as well as intellectual, eradication of ignorance, generation of health facilities and societal up-gradation, economic and democratic environment are the core issues this platform focuses on. Anyone who has an urge to deliver to up-grade socio-economic condition of less-privileged portion of the society can become a part of this platform under defined categories while qualifying specified criterion.