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IT Literacy Enhancement Programme in District Rawalpindi

Executive Summary: WWT is enthused to submit a proposal of IT Literacy Enhancement Programme in District Rawalpindi to enhance the capabilities of the poor young generation to facilitate them by providing them IT Labs. WWT further associates AKH Enterprises to strengthen it’s teaming for effective delivery of services in installation of IT Labs. AKH Enterprises is uniquely qualified for supplying hardware and software services in attaining the subject targets of this programme. The target district of this programme is Rawalpindi and the rural areas will be more focused to enhance the capabilities of schools and colleges in marked area. As most of the population of Pakistan is living in remote areas where the basic necessities of life are not conveniently available and the standard of education is not much high especially the Information Technology education is not up to mark. This project will facilitate students of far off schools and colleges. The fund of the programme is approx Rs. 200.00 million. Initially implementation time of the programme will be approximately 3 years on sustainable grounds. The project proposal includes the basic information gathering, scope of the work, when to start, implementation plan, pre and post implementation services, risk management and staffing. The focus of the programme is to install labs in 100 schools, colleges and institutions. Each lab would consist of 20 to 50 computers depending on the available capacity of the institutions. The lab will be fully equipped with the latest technologies and equipments. In this effective and comprehensive programme approximately 150,000 learners would be direct beneficiaries. Female and disable persons would be focused more through this project. Trainees would be introduced in industries and different ways would be sorted out to make them earn their living while capitalizing learnt lessons.

We believe that WWT is uniquely qualified to perform this programme for reasons that are explained thoroughly and systematically in the ensuing paragraphs of this proposal. In particular, we draw your concentration to our purposes and objectives of the trust which include:
To setup Educational Institutions (Vocational & Cultural Centers, Schools, Colleges and Universities)
• To establish, maintain or acquire libraries for the benefit of students of Pakistani Community
• WWT would institute and award scholarships in Pakistan or abroad for the study, research and apprenticeship for all or any of the aforesaid educational purposes.
• To carry on community development programs to uplift the economically weaker sections and set centers for carrying on formal & informal educational activities.
• To provide training, through carefully designed methodologies, to deserving people so that they could up-grade their standing in the global society.
• To attract general membership from all part of the country and abroad so that to come to know the hardships and problems of the masses and provide them maximum possible relief through assisting them either monetarily, socially or psychologically.
• To create awareness among masses about their rights and duties, educating them different patterns of self-reliance for the up-gradation of their living standards and teaching them love and peace for the entire humanity are amongst significant objectives of WWT.
WWT is humbly confident to implement this project owing to:
• Profound knowledge of similar business processes;
• Our multi-disciplined and experienced / Qualified team with proven track record; and
• Capability to manage and deliver the large size projects.