Privacy Policy

Your information is a sacred trust with us and we consider all necessary factors of the privacy  of your information to the extent its protection is within our jurisdiction and control.

1.    You need not to register online to view the contents of our website; hence we do not receive your personal information. So the leakage of your information is out of question on this ground.
2.    Only the people who become our members drop their personal information with us; therefore, we use other secure means of collecting their information which has nothing to do with this website. The leakage of personal information thus collected is beyond question.
3.    You like us on our page on any social network site where you have set information for public and the same appears on Like Us area of our website; disclosure of such information is out of our responsibility.
4.    If a third party through using cookies or any other technology intercepts or catches your information you exchange with us through email does not fall under our responsibility.
5.    The data you share with us through emails is neither sold nor given to any third party but can be used for the express purposes.
6.    Proper security measures are applied to keep the information that travels through to our web such as firewalls and multi-layer security system, but still, if there is any intervention by a third party during the data traveling to and fro our customer service area, we do not guarantee it.
7.    We respect your information and can use that for the purpose like sending you our newsletters periodically which you can unsubscribe while hitting the tab added to bottom of the newsletter page to unsubscribe from our list.
8.    While donating to WWT your credit card and personal information is handled by a banking services providers who apply a fool proof mechanism in processing your information. The transaction thus takes place in tight security environment, whereas the information we receive under such transactions is kept secured for audit purposes and future reference in multi-layered secured environment.
9.    Our privacy policy would be up-dated from time to time keeping in view the reservations and requirements of our donors, partner entities and supporting organizations and individuals.  
10.    WWT respects your privacy which is why its information is kept on reliable and fairly secured servers as a result the data stays much safer here.
11.    Data form would shortly be introduced on this web so that to collect data of deserving patients, students and other individuals while the privacy issues would be added to the privacy policy of WWT.
12.    WWT does not publish or exchange your information to any other organization public or private until and unless you consent on it.
13.    Any person over 13 years of age can execute transaction with WWT while considering the privacy policy of the organization. Neither individual nor organization public or private can demand or claim the personal information of a third party that rests with WWT.
14.    We may contact you as part of our efforts to raise funds for the WWT’s charitable activities. All fundraising communications will include information about how you may opt out of future fundraising communications such as.
a.    If the information is required by law and public health purposes.
b.    In case of health oversight activities such as audits or civil, administrative or criminal investigations.
c.    If it is required to disclose information about victims of abuse, neglect, or domestic violence.
d.    If the information is required for law enforcement purposes and judicial or administrative proceedings.
e.    In the event of assisting medical examiners or funeral authorities with their official duties the information can be disclosed under the law.
f.    In case of specialized governmental functions, such as military, national security, criminal corrections, or public benefit purposes.
g.    To facilitate organ donation required in certain research activities that have been evaluated and approved through a research approval process that takes into account consumer\'s need for privacy.
h.    To fulfill the purpose of workers\' compensation in accordance with law.
i.    In addition to it, to avert a serious threat to health or safety.

15.     To ensure the privacy of the persons who by any means share their information with us, WWT has selected servers with sufficient security measures and technologies owing to which we feel confident that there are least chances of unwanted third party intervention or loss of data that reaches us.
16.    Our financial services provider provides online payment platform with a PCI Level – 1 secure interface for the most secure online transaction available.
17.    Additionally, we have added other security features to our website to protect the customer from any other areas of our website.

Privacy Desk:
Mr. Asad Shoaib
Ph: 0092-51-2517333
Muhammadi Plaza Transformer Chowk
Service Road Sadiqabad Rawalpindi—Pakistan

Refund Policy

1.    The amount contributed will be refunded in accordance with refund policy of WWT corresponding to policy given forth by our online financial services provider.
2.    If the donor is not satisfied with WWT’s performance in the activities for which the contribution is extended by the individual or organization; WWT would be responsible to refund the amount excluding any deductions take place during transaction i.e. bank or third party charges and the amount already consumed in the charitable purpose in the relevant activity. 
3.    Refund can be claimed within 5 business days from the day of transfer of the amount in the main account of WWT.
4.    Donor organizations as well as individuals are encouraged to peep into matter and monitor WWT’s performance in donor funded activities especially in the event of third party conspiracy factor. 
5.    Books of record of WWT regarding donor related transactions/activities would be readily available at all times to share with the funding organization or individual.
6.    WWT would abide, in all circumstances, by the Privacy & Refund Policy set and published on website and included in the books on the written consent of Board of Trustees of the organization.
7.    The donor organizations & individuals have to abide by the banking policies of concerned financial institutions regarding the claimed refunds.
8.    WWT would receive donations from individuals who are above 13 years of age and organizations which do not belong to any of the banned countries.
9.    We receive donations only for charitable purposes. Hence WWT reserves the rights to decline any donations which would be found suspicious by any means, therefore, donation from any organization or individual would be strictly declined the purpose of which would either runs against the mandate of WWT or it is unclear in its objectivity.
10.    On top of it, an amount of 7.5 percent of the total donation amount claimed for refund would be deducted as administrative cost in addition to the deductions mentioned above especially in point 2 of the Refund Policy.

Finance Dept:
Ms. Naina Abbasi
Ph: 0092-51-2517333
Muhammadi Plaza Transformer Chowk
Service Road Sadiqabad Rawalpindi—Pakistan