Wespak Welfare Trust® (WWT) is a humble platform with a clear vision of benefiting society. The name Wespak corresponds to coordination and cooperation between the Western World and Pakistan. WWT is a brain child of individuals who have a deeper concern for humanity. The idea of establishing WWT traces back to year 1999-2000. Since then it had been working to promote human rights and highlight human sufferings. Back in 2009 it was completely reformed and formulated into a productive facilitating concern and was registered in government’s books the same year. WWT was shaped into a platform which gradually gathered capacity to turn the passive, dejected and ignored sections of the society into active and productive ones, not only for their own social uplift but also for the betterment of rest of the society. WWT is guided by its constitution to establish its wings which the VERTEX (Voluntary Efforts to Refine Trends for Elementary Excision) and Media Heights are its best examples. WWT is a parent concern which monitors all activities executed by its wings. Because of the dynamic mechanism of WWT, number of its members is growing rapidly who get rewarded at this platform. Additionally, owing to innovative patterns introduced by WWT others Not-for-Profit Organizations and social workers are rapidly coming in association with WWT, whereas different UN entities and Human Rights Organizations have expressed their appreciations for the efforts WWT is extending to comfort the disadvantaged sections of the society. WWT comprises of seven members of Board of Trustees, seven members of Central Executive Council of VERTEX and seven Executive Members in each district body. It further consists of members of Town Management Bodies, members of General Body the number of members is growing in these categories to fulfill its human resource requirement with regard to its expansion. Committees consisting of local potential figures are formulated prior to implementation of any major activity in a targeted area. These members are provided with continuous training which, basically, serves as roots of the organization. On the other hand to reach its objectives WWT consists of full time as well as part time staff members the number of these staff is increasing day by day. The staff comprises of sufficiently educated and dedicated professionals. Trainings are conducted in different phases to educate all those social activists who by any means get associated with WWT. Thus this training culture makes WWT a more valuable platform that extends a vital contribution on a larger scale towards sustainable human resource development and capacity building. WWT has adopted a term “Pakian” for all of its members in either of its wings who are Pakistani Nationals particularly the trainees. The purpose of training is to spare Pakians of all those trends and habits which are opposed to human and democratic values and make them educate the masses love for humanity and shun all unwanted tendencies. WWT encompasses a goodly number of volunteers and social activists which makes it easier for WWT to execute a variety of projects that come under its specialized frame work and discipline. Thus one can observe different wings of WWT with specialized expertise functioning perfectly fairly in their relevant fields. As far as the prime object and purpose of WWT is concerned, that is to help special people, particularly those who are partially disabled. WWT develops projects to help special and partially disabled people to come out of a deprived life structure and start living a life to its fullest. People with slight deafness, recoverable vision impairment and partial disability of any of body organs fall within main focus of WWT. WWT invites and welcomes, to become its partners, all those organizations and individuals who feel miseries and hardships of masses especially that of disadvantaged less privileged portion of the societies. We serve the society on the basis of equality while providing masses a sense of confidence and self-reliance. We welcome you to join hands with us to figure out measures and to locate means not only to console the deserving people but also help them come out of crucial clutches of poverty, ignorance and poor health. Come; let us put our heads together to find ways to serve the humanity and help our brothers and sisters live a life in its true shape. Let us help you start thinking globally to serve the humanity.