WWT® (Wespak Welfare Trust) is formed as a not-for-profit organization and its objectives are applied without any discrimination of race, religion or creed at all times. The charitable purposes and the objects of the trust include:
WWT has a core focus on poverty elevation within its area of operation. Effective patterns of mutual cooperation are being introduced which are working great. Support for small and home based businesses is extended to its male and female members. In this regard monitory as well as technical assistance is provided to targeted youth, both men and women. A mechanism guides the entire process of this poverty eradication long-term campaign. So far notable results have been received due to the implementation of this self-reliance campaign. In addition to it, WWT conducts poor feeding and generally give food and raiment to the poor, needy and disabled persons and afford relief to them in distress due to natural calamities, accidents, earthquake, flood, famine, epidemics and grants donations for the support of orphanages and welfare institutions/concerns.
WWT carries out community development programs to uplift the economically weaker sections and establishes centers for carrying on such activities. It provides training to people through carefully designed methodologies, especially to deserving people so that they could up-grade their standing in the society.
It attracts general membership from all parts of the country and abroad so that to explore hardships and problems of masses and provide them maximum possible relief through assisting them either monetarily, socially or psychologically. Creating awareness among masses about their rights and duties, educating them different patterns of self-reliance for the up-gradation of their living standards and teaching them love and peace for the entire humanity are among significant objectives of WWT.
Environmental up-gradation is among the prime objectives of the organization. To achieve it objective WWT launches campaigns, conducts surveys, arranges seminars and training programs. Through attractive methodologies are introduced off and on to reach desirable outcomes. The organization involves local masses and volunteers and inspires them work shoulder to shoulder staff members. Plantation campaigns, pollution free environment campaigns, education through awareness campaigns have lasted far reaching impacts in the targeted areas so far.   
Health is yet another core area which is thoroughly focused by WWT. To reach this objective the organization installs medical camps and sets up free dispensaries in different targeted areas. WWT has plans to establish fully equipped hospital in select disadvantaged areas. The organization also has plans to start mobile medical facilities in remote areas specially to provide maternity services in far off areas where no transport and medical facilities are readily available. Partially and fully disabled people fall under special focus of WWT. 
Formal as well as informal education especially on primary level is within significant attention of WWT. The organization locates deserving kids in targeted districts of the country so that to provide them with education in accordance with the suitability of their societal set up. In this regard the organization involves Social Welfare Departments in targeted districts and develops consortiums while taking on board other CBO’s and small NGO’s. As an enhancement of its focus on education particularly in women, children and youth WWT sets up Educational Institutions (Vocational & Cultural Centers). As further enhancement in education the organization has plans to set up Schools, Colleges and Universities in targeted districts of the country.
Objectives of WWT are reached through Action-Oriented and Awareness-Oriented programs. The Trust on one hand establishes physical projects and on the other it arranges “Seminars, Forums, Debates, Walks, Meetings, Workshops and Awareness Campaigns” while involving local government bodies, civil society, community based organizations and notable people of the targeted areas. The objects of the Trust do not include objects for profit within the meaning.