Foundation Spoken English (FSE): Starting Every Monday

Sunday May 14 2017

Foundation Spoken English (FSE) Course Objectives: This course is designed for the starters of English Language. It aims at those who have studied English on elementary level. It helps learners to develop their concept about grammar ,vocabulary, tenses and sentence formation. The learners will be able to communicate in English to convey their message and thoughts successfully and to comprehend what others talk to them in simple English. Learning Outcomes: Upon Successful Completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. To be able to communicate in daily life English. 2. Learning different basic grammatical concepts. 3. Applying mental faculties to complete linguistic tasks on beginners level. 4. Setting targets to improve basic language literacy and vocabulary. 5. Demonstrate an ability to manage study time effectively, meeting set deadlines. 6. Collaborate with others in a team both as a leader and a team player to achieve a common goal in academics and learning fundamental English. 7. Create and maintain a portfolio of work and keep a record of feedback and assessment outcomes. 8. Comply with the institute rules of behavior including respect for other learners and for faculty and other staff 9. Browse internet for sources of information. 10. Working on the given assignments and projects language enhancement. 11. Apply suitable information literacy to select appropriate sources for tasks given. 12. Contributing in class activities to have exposure and gain confidence for spoken English.. Course Contents: 1. Essential grammar for starters 2. Learning essential vocabulary 3. Introduction to Parts of Speech 4. Introduction to tenses & formation of sentences 5. Studying basic phonics 6. Oral drilling of daily used English words. 7. Comprehending listening through audio visual aids and attempting listening exercises. 8. Improving speaking through many activities such as dialogues, role plays, class discussions, pair and group work etc. 9. Learning verbal and non verbal communication.. 10. Taking quiz and completing given assignments to have assessment for effective English language learning.