Basic Spoken English (BSE): Starting Every Monday

Sunday May 14 2017

Basic Spoken English (BSE) Course Objectives: The course is basically designed for those who have limited knowledge of language and have difficulty in spoken English. This course aims to equip learners with the required essential English language communication skills. The focus will be on basic grammatical concepts such as parts of speech, structures, phonics and vocabulary. Students will study & explore their own communicative language skills and groom them. They will gain confidence to enter higher linguistic level and enhance language skills for personal development. This course aims to increase students’ understanding of daily spoken English while developing their linguistic skills. Learning Outcomes: Upon Successful Completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify own linguistic strengths and weaknesses when studying and to be able to communicate effectively in English. 2. Identify different sentence structures and parts of speech effectively, and apply academic skills which match their own preferred learning styles 3. Select and Apply different aspects of mental faculties to different linguistic tasks in appropriate ways 4. Develop an appropriate set of personal learning goals to improve language literacy. 5. Demonstrate an ability to manage study time effectively, meeting set deadlines 6. Collaborate with others in a team both as a leader and a team player to achieve a common goal in academics and learning English. 7. Create and maintain a portfolio of work and keep a record of feedback and assessment outcomes. 8. Comply with the institute rules of behavior including respect for other learners and for faculty and other staff 9. Search a library catalog and the internet for sources of information. 10. Prepare bibliographic details for referencing purposes following an agreed convention . 11. Apply basic information literacy to select appropriate sources for tasks given. 12. Display academic honesty and respect for intellectual property by acknowledging sources used in the given tasks. Course Contents: 1. Fundamental Grammar 2. Basic and a large word bank to be used in daily conversation. 3. Introduction to literary material 4. Introduction to phonetics and phonology 5. Getting familiar with concept of phonics 6. Using correct pronunciation for English words. 7. Enhancing listening through audio visual aids and doing listening exercises. 8. Improving speaking through many activities and formative assessments such as dialogues, role plays, class discussions, pair and group work etc. 9. Giving quality presentations in front of their classmates. 10. Taking quiz and completing given assignments to have proper assessment .