WWT® is a platform of a well defined, nicely structured and organized group of educated and experienced people who have a common mission of benefiting masses at large. This platform is clearly designed to work on education (formal and informal), health, environment human rights and poverty elevation through its unique sustainable human resource development and capacity building plans and strategies. WWT puts in efforts so as to involve masses to contribute towards development of the society on innovative and modern lines through comprehensive designs and patterns set by the idea bank of the organization. WWT aims at searching deprived sections of the society in every nook and corner of country at present and in near future it would be exercising this practice in the whole region. The beauty of its functioning methodologies have gathered due moss and the ideas are well conceived wherever presented and executed. Thus it has become a core element of its mission to create awareness among masses towards their rights and duties and to create among them a true sense of self-reliance which could help them improvise their socio-economic standing in the society. Keeping in mind the fact that more gold is obtained from minds than that extracted from gold mines, WWT believes in the power of mind especially when heads are put together to brain storm for the realization of a common mission of uplifting social and economic standards of the society.
Further more mission of WWT is to turn itself into a platform of all deprived sections of the society, where from they could learn human values and could develop their own “SAY” their own “VOICE” so that to transmit into reality the desire for higher living standard. Additionally, it is mission of WWT to execute its programs, both physical in nature and awareness oriented, through its fool proof mechanism in an orderly manner to facilitate the masses in all areas defined in its objectives.