Media Heights

The other wing of WWT is included as its publication with the name and style as “Media Heights”. It is a humble but notable effort of WWT through which the Trust is promoting awareness among masses about their rights, duties, love for humanity and peace in the society. Media Heights is supervised by senior journalists and certain those professionals who have a profound understanding of societies and peoples. These professionals are in real sense ambassadors of true human values, love and peace. They advocate the humanity beyond the boundaries of creed, race, religion, color and language. Their message comprises of equality, justice, gender equity and peace. The contents of Media Heights condemn lawlessness, human rights violation, and poverty on one side while education, health, environment, democracy, and youth issues on the other. Consequently soft but effective measures are introduced to refine trend to turn the society into a better one where harmony among various sections is prevailing. Through this continuous effort WWT introduces modern trends among masses for the realization of their rights. For more information on Media Heights please ask us for a latest copy.