Counrtywide walks and outdoor youth camps in support and promotion of Environmental Up-gradation are innitiated last week (picture are attached herewith). This series of campaigns is started from the beautiful, Queen of Mountains Murree near Islamabad. Mr. Muhammad Shafique the Chairman Wesapk Welfare Trust (WWT) addressed the participants and highlighted the importance restoration and upgradation of healthy invironment. The words of Mr. Shafique introduced a new spark and enthusiasm in participants towards love for nature and healthy environment. Among over 200 participants of the opening walk there were invited Mr. Mr. Sajjad Khan from Sawabi (KPKP), Mr. Rizwan from Attock (KPKP), Mr. Munir Ahmed from Oghi Mansehra (KPKP), Mr. Mehtab from Azad Kashmir, Ms. Zahra from Rawalpindi, Mr. Raqeeb from Rawalpindi, Mr. Imran from Islamabad, representatives of Red Crecent Islamabad Chapter and Mr. Waqar Abbasi City President (CP) Murree. The walk went very well and received notable attrection. This 2 hours walk ended at the address of commitment and resolution from Mr. Waqar Abbasi CP Murree. He add in his inspiring address the positive results of this series of counrtywide walks to enhance environmental conditions in targeted areas. The schedule for the upcoming walks and youth outdoor camps in Ayoubia, Nathialgali, Thandiani, Naran, Shogran, Malamjabba, Sawat were reannounced at the end. The way this campaign is planned it would humbly contribute a good deal towards the achievement of one of the MDG’s (Environment) set by the United Nations. God willing this campain accomplish its targeted objectives. WWT has made a comprehensive plan to contribute towards environmental up-gradation through walks, outdoor camps and campaigns. WWT has involved its volunteers and local populations in successful execution of its activities to achieve its targeted objectives. It has chalked out a program under which walks are being carried out in targeted towns and cities and effective points. These walks start with a inspiring addresses which we can as \"nut shell training\" and end at motivational closing and commitment oaths for contributions towards environmental enhancement. WWT calls the volunteers of the targeted areas before the date scheduled for their town. Volunteers under the supervision of WWT\'s employees or board members get the details for the walk and its ingredients. They are instructed to mobilize civil society in the targeted area for the set day to participate in the walk. These walks are carefully planned which consist of three very effective segments till the walk in certain area come to an end. These walks are the first in their nature because these are scheduled to cover the whole country. In these walks one can observe a short comprehensive training, inspiring education and a campaign for stopping cutting down of trees and planting more trees. Commitments are taken from participants to become active enough to produce notable results in a given time frame. Owing to these features walks in support to Environment are innovative in their nature. At the end of this series of walks there would be sufficient evidences of results, hence even at the very beginning of this set of activities there can be visualized an increased motivation among local masses and volunteers to contribute towards environmental up-gradation. Desirable results are expected to appear through this time consuming activity. The costs of this series of activities in support to environmental up-gradation is estimated Rs. 1.5 million which is being arranged comfortably through contribution making mechanism within WWT members. No problem is arising regarding expenses occur on these walks. WWT is very much hopeful to achieve targeted outcomes from this project, which is light in cost, smooth in execution, technical in it penetration in local masses and sustainable in its nature.

Our Activities

Activities in Earth Quick hit Areas:
WWT had arranged and distributed edibles and warm clothes (shawls) and blankets worth over two millions in Earthquake hit areas in district Abbottabad and Kashmir since October 2005. During this campaign WWT learnt valuable lessons through its own activities and observing the work of other Not for Profit Organizations that were engaged in affected areas. Particularly the work of ERRA under the supervision of General Haroon Aslam (At present: Core Commander Bhawalpur) had been very source of inspiration for WWT in disaster relief activities.
Flood Relief Activities:
Supplied food stuff, warm clothes, footwear and hygienic kits to flood victims in flood affected areas of KPK and Punjab provinces. In this regard WWT set relief camps in key cities of the Punjab and specifically in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and involved the civil society to help their helpless flood affected country mates.
Medical Camps:
WWT has so far set a goodly number of medical camps in different remote as well as city areas of KPK and Punjab under the supervision of Dr. Waqar Abbas. These medical camps were targeted, firstly, to provide medical help to less privileged persons who can not afford to bear the cost of treatment facilities, and. Secondly, to create awareness among poorly informed persons about communicable and non-communicable diseases. WWT is indebted to doctors’ community and local administrations for their support they have extended in installing medical camps in different districts.
Vocational Trainings:
WWT is very much thankful to District Social Welfare Department Government of the Punjab for their support regarding implementation of WWT’s “Women Vocational Trainings Programme 2010-2011” in Rawalpindi. Thanks are also due to the moral support from Basic Education for All (BEFA) government of the Punjab for WWT’s Literacy Enhancement Programme. Through these programmes goodly number of depressed grown up unmarried girls and women were brought out of their dejected household life and they were involved in productive vocational training.
Vocational Training Centers:
WWT has set two vocational centers in Rawalpindi, one in Muree while one in Bhara Khu (Islamabad) with a special focus to facilitate women and disabled persons. In establishing vocational centers female members of WWT played a vital role. WWT has further plans to establish more vocational centers especially in remote areas of the focused districts of the country where there is a dire need of such activities.
Future Plans:
WWT has planned to start two hospitals of 100 beds each one in Murree while the other in Circle Bakot District Abbottabad. There is an intense shortage of health facilities in vicinities of both the targeted areas. Patients are taken to nearby cities i.e. from Murree to Islamabad/Rawalpindi and from Circle Bakot to Abbottabad. In most of the cases serious patients who require immediate treatment for survival, lose their battle of life and death and die on their way. Patients who need prompt treatment are put on cart to further struggle reach the distant hospital. Instead of surviving they lose their lives and their dead bodies are taken back to their villages. This is a common observation in both the focused areas. Central Executive Council of VERTEX (A wing of WWT that deals with health issues) has assigned, in their most recent meeting, to Dr. Syed Waqar Abbas and his team a special task in this regard. The objective is not only establishing hospitals in focused areas but also run them on sustainable grounds so that these projects benefit less privileged persons of both the areas for many decades. Dr. Syed Waqar Abbas has moved to North American region to pave the way for said hospitals’ project.
The selected sites are best suited in both the places as both the points are centrally located and easily approachable from nearby villages. In this regard survey has been completed, paper work and rest of the arrangements prior to start of these projects is in process under the supervision of experts from medical field and construction field. Owing to large funds required for the successful pre-implementation and post-implementation of these projects proceeding is carried out with careful arrangements and management. Hospital projects are supposed to serve as corner stones for future contribution of WWT in the health sector.
Girls Schools & Colleges in select areas where there is a dire need of institutions for the up-gradation of female section of the society are in the priority of WWT. In this regard things are being planned and resources are being marked.
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