Wespak Welfare Trust (WWT) is a platform of a well-defined and nicely structured group of educated, well organized and experienced people who have a common mission of benefiting masses at large. The Trust is established to promote education, health, environment, human rights and poverty eradication trends through its humbly effective and workable formats. Its unique sustainable human resource development and capacity building plans and strategies are exclusively designed to positively influence the community through worth-adopting patterns while leaving routine proceedings remain the same. WWT involves masses and makes them play their part towards development of the society. Easily comprehendible societal up-gradation patterns, set by the idea bank of the organization, ensure sustainable development of the society on UN laid SDGsguidelines. WWT aims at searching disadvantaged sections of the population in every district of the country. Its functional methodologies have received enough appreciation while the ideas, so far presented, are properly conceived by the stakeholders. WWT is determined and has declared it one of its core objectives to create awareness among masses towards their rights and duties and to create among them a true sense of self-reliance which is more likely to help them improvise their socio-economic standing in the society. WWT believes in the power of mind especially when heads are put together to brainstorm for the realization of common goals of uplifting societal and economic conditions of masses...!!!!