As a part of scheduled training to LES, DMM & TMM at WWT Centre in select cities and towns a session is conducted today 29 OCT, 2011 here in Murree.

The training was supervised by the CP Murree (City President VERTEX--WWT), Mr. Waqar Ali Abbasi. The training was started at 11:00 AM. The CP Murree requested the Administrator WWT-Murree, Mr. Anees ur Rahman Abbasi to start the meeting with the recitation from the Holy Quran. After the recitation Mr. Waqar Ali Abbasi introduced the newly appointed Tehsil Management Members (TMM) of WWT to the Chairman Mr. Muhammad Shafique and presented a brief detail of activities of WWT to the participants.

The chairman started his presentation with the name of Almighty Allah. He appreciated the participants (Tehsil Management Members) for the enthusiasm they have shown towards putting in efforts for the betterment of disaster hit population. He has also appreciated the motivational level, sincerity, and heartiest feelings of TMM towards the objectives and goals set for by WWT. Mr. Chairman livid emphasis on that we have to move forward with sincerity, motivation, enthusiasm and boldness to shape our objectives and efforts into reality. He said that for success all us will have to come out of comfort zone and work hard to transmute our plans of social development into reality.

During the training different twists were exercised so that to observe and strengthen the mental health of participants to deal with stress and challenging conditions. Towards the mid of the training session typical VERTEX’s brain storming was observed which had been the most exciting and rendering portion of the whole training. Mechanism to deal emergency situations had been the focal area of the training wherein assumed occurrences were cross-discussed. All participants showed extended interest in each segment of the training. Towards the end of the training tasks were assigned collectively and refinement of ethical approach of the concerned communities of participants was emphasized. All participants urged for the second phase of the training which is yet to be scheduled. The training session came to an end in the evening with plan of action and advice by the Chairman WWT. All departed in a good humor having their new tasks and resolutions ahead.

TMM VERTEX Murree Chapter (Training WWT)

1Waqar Ali
2Anees Abbasi
3Danish Abbasi
4Ms. Tayyaba
5Ms. Sonia
6Ms. Teena
7Ms. Atia